Week of 14 July 2007: My dad is a divine chef

The following typify the kinds of dishes that I grew up on.

Pan-fried salmon with a sweet and spicy ginger and scallion sauce.

Rotisserie chicken with stir-fried zucchini, carrots, and mushrooms.

Tofu with pig’s ear (a type of fungus, NOT the hearing organ of an ungulate!) and some ground pork. It’s hard for my dad to not incorporate meat into a dish.

Steamed chinese veggies with a touch of sesame oil and soy sauce. Call me old-fashioned, but I LOVE steamed vegetables done like so.

Steamed fish (I forget what kind) with scallions, ginger, and soy sauce…one of the staples of my childhood. I cannot wait to perfect this dish when I get older (sans the ginger). A bite of perfectly-cooked fish with the crunch of scallion, and I’m transported to foodie heaven.

Blanched, then stir-fried string beans with dried anchovies and some more fungus thingies.

Steamed black bean spare ribs with scallion…pretty similar to the ones you would get when you order spare ribs at dim sum. Except exponentially better.

As you can see, I really had to rough it through the years. You can also probably see why it’s hard for me to turn completely vegetarian…I cannot bear the thought of life without fish, in cooked form, of course. Sushi is off-limits for me, just as a matter of personal preference (I know, I know).

I also made some sugar cookies using a Betty Crocker mix I’ve had since the beginning of the century. I subconsciously baked them to come out perfectly like six-packs: the baker’s equivalent of a Freudian slip.

I’m happy to report that they came out well and tasted great. The well-done edges had a nice crunch, and the middle gave way nicely.

I even got a bit nolstagic…

…thankfully, I quickly recovered. In the near future, I will actually attempt to blog about food-related things that require more mental effort, but food porn is just so much fun.


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