A Honeymoon Dessert Day

I have a serious sweet tooth.  I’m not sure if it’s a nature or nurture thing (oh, the eternal dilemma), but for as long as I can remember, I’ve been a sucker for the sweet stuff, whether it’s ice cream, baked goods, or good old chocolate.  I suppose my tastebuds have slightly matured, but while I now prefer a 60% cacao bar of chocolate to the milk/white varieties, my fondness — no, obsession — for sugar-laced treats still applies.

A late and large lunch + a desire for something sweet about an hour after = dessert for dinner = Honeymoon Dessert in Langham Palace, Mong Kok.  My gugu took me to this place a couple weeks ago (do you sense a theme?  She has good taste in food) and I was hooked.  I am kicking myself for forgetting to take a picture of the little indentation that is Honeymoon, because it is cute without being cutesy, sophisticated without being pretentious, and just a winner at life.  And all while being trapped in the middle of a huge shopping plaza, one of those oasis in a desert type places.  OK enough of that.  I know I’ll be back soon, so I’ll be sure to capture what I’ve just so pitifully conveyed to you.

In my state of carelessness, I also forgot to photograph Honeymoon’s menu, which is food porn at its finest.  So many pretty pictures, and I am making it my personal mission to try everything on their menu at least once.  Last time I was here, I saw two teenage girls scarfing down these soft yellow, billowy pillows and I wanted to snatch one out of their hands.  But I opted for waiting until the next time I came.  These are officially called mango ‘pancakes,’ although in appearance, texture, and poofiness, they certainly challenge my previously established notions of pancake-ness.


A soft, mildly chewy exterior gives way to innards that consist of 1) a slightly densified version of whipped cream and 2) fresh mango.  Erik proclaimed it “one of the greatest things he has ever eaten.”  Alice was less impressed, but chalked it up to not liking whipped cream in general.  I’m not sure I could eat these on a regular basis, but they kind of hit the spot for me.  Distinctive yet complementary layers of silkiness and sweetness, and I appreciate the layered approach to desserts that seems to be common here.  Although for my dessert carb encasings, I usually tend to go for the pastry types rather than the mochi-like one seen here…it reminds me a bit of skin.

Alice got the glutinous rice and fresh mango on a bed of some vanilla ice concoction.


This is a winner. The purple rice was studded with taro, one of those mealy, earthy foods that I love. A bite of the faintly sweet, nutty rice with the refreshing vanilla-milk-ice it was floating in, and one is transported…somewhere nice and fuzzy. The fresh mangoes are consistently plump and juicy, sweet and just tart enough to leave a tang in one’s mouth.


Erik went with an almond and walnut milk combo with those ball things, the Chinese name for which I cannot recall at the moment. I’m thinking of the phrase for ‘egg rolls,’ which is obviously not right. I adore nuts, so I really liked the viscous soupiness (I think the walnut was the dominant flavor, but I couldn’t be sure). I especially like that Honeymoon’s hot dessert soups are not overpoweringly sweet, so they actually let the flavors power through. Last time, I got the hot black sesame soup, the best I’ve ever had.


Finally, I got a mango pudding mixed with diced fresh mango, tapioca balls, a tofu plop, and pomello flesh (according to Alice the fruit expert). Again, layers of textures and flavors…it was such a fun dessert to work through, and the occasional surprise of a pomello thingie bursting in my mouth made me happy.

Like I said, I will conquer their menu.


2 thoughts on “A Honeymoon Dessert Day

  1. ooooh it looks so yummy. kind of like dumplings! wait.. is erik.. your brother? or am i totally mistaken? is your bro in hong kong??

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