Vietnamese and a sesame ball date

On your average weekday night, we went out for Vietnamese in Tai Po Centre.  This was my first Vietnamese meal since coming to Hong Kong, so of course I had to order some pho.


The simplicity of pho is largely what makes it such an appealing dish to me. In the States, I’ve had ‘pho’ that’s been unnecessarily complicated with tripe, tendon, and an assortment of other body parts. While some of these things can be quite delicious at other times, I prefer my pho to contain only those paper thin, fat-lined slices of beef steak. I don’t eat beef regularly, and pho is one of the few dishes in which I prefer having beef, so I want my pho experiences to be as unadulterated with non-muscle meat structures as possible.

I enjoyed my noodles — the meat, cooked to a nice medium in the steaming, fragrant beef broth, was tender and succulent. The combination of the noodles and soup, though nothing to write home about, induced a fuzzy warm feeling my stomach (but I did get a slight headache from the msg), and the textural contrast between the soft noodles and the crunch of onions and bean sprouts made the dish all the more enjoyable, as it usually does.

Owen got the pho with shredded chicken. Looked tasty.


Alice posing dutifully with her Vietnamese spam(?) spring rolls. I think these got a thumbs down.


Afterward, Owen, Shari, and I weaved our way to Tai Po Market, as I owed Shari (due to reasons too humiliating to disclose online) a joint sesame ball-eating session.

At Tai Po Square, after securing these oily, wonderballs. Sesame balls are deep-fried glutinous rice balls coated with sesame seeds and stuffed with a sweet paste (traditionally red bean, although were of the lotus seed variety).  Shar shar is having a toothpaste commercial moment:


Cheers! Communal dining at its finest:



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