One of my favorite dining experiences is brunch.  I love waking up late to good coffee, a meal that’ll last me until dinner, and the moments of lingering that often follow.  A few days ago, a friend, who I can only describe as British, helped me relive that experience at a restaurant called The Flying Pan, a well-known restaurant in the ex-pat area known for the Western brunch staples such as French toast, omelettes, and Eggs Benedict.



Staying true to his roots, O went for the English breakfast, a mix and match of eggs, toast, sausage links, bacon, pan-seared tomatoes, mushrooms, and baked beans (‘of course’). I think he enjoyed himself, though my apologies for the rough quality of the photo.


I ordered a garden omelette with egg whites only, which came with an English muffin, potatoes, and some fresh fruit.


I really enjoyed my meal. The toasted English muffin with a generous slab of butter really hit the spot, as did the omelette, which was light, fluffy, and loaded with fresh vegetables. Most importantly was what it was not — doused in oil, which is one of my major gripes with many diner omelettes. Downed with some coffee and OJ, I was seriously feeling the love. Unfortunately, there was a line of people waiting so we, good people that we are, decided not to linger and make those unfortunate, and probably hungry, souls wait any longer. Thumbs up for this place from me. Plus, it’s down the street from kosmos, where one can be easily reinvigorated by ordering libido-enhancing smoothies or something along those lines.


One thought on “Brunch!

  1. of course.. another yum. i would like an all egg white omelet with no cheese, please. hahaa the name of the place is pretty funny, though. at first i thought it was engrish, and then i saw that the pan actually had wings. so i knew the creators were smarter than im giving them credit for. that reminds me of this japanese comedian my sister and i saw who said things like: thank you “vely” much for that “brack” sweater. and he thought his english was good.

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