Seafood in Sai Kung

Taking advantage of one of the numerous public holidays that Hong Kongers celebrate, I finally caved in and headed out with some folks to Sai Kung, where fresh seafood abounds.  After getting into the main town area, we walked around for a bit along the boardwalk, checking out restaurant after restaurant with gorgeous sea creatures on display:

DSC01565 DSC01584

Check out the size of those clams (upper right)!

Here, a man is removing the spines off fob sea urchins (haha i crack myself up)…but yea, a spine in one’s throat would not be a laughing matter.


Needless to say, we soon sat down for some seagrub. We made our pickings and eagerly waited. Dish numero uno was lobster in ‘soup’, which actually turned out to some kind of viscous sauce, which was fine by me.

DSC01603 DSC01605

This dish was pretty darn tasty (please excuse my use of plebeian adjectives; I’m almost a week removed from this experience).  Most of the lobster pieces were still shelled, which was a good thing because the shell fragments trapped the lobster’s juices and sauce, which were, in turn, just begging to be slurped out.  The lobster meat was plump, sweet, and juicy, nearly on par with the insanely creamy, melt-in-your-mouth lobster tail meat I downed in Cozumel.  I generally have a personal preference against meat that’s described as ‘melt-in-your-mouth,’ but that lobster tail was one for the ages.

Next dish: fried cuttlefish, which was not bad. The breading was not overbearing, and I enjoyed the mild sweetness of it. Not sure how wrong one could go with frying fresh seafood.


Dish three: sea scalloops topped with vermicelli and garlic…and some more garlic…and some more. I’ve had this dish a few times in Hong Kong already, so I’m assuming it’s quite popular here. Can we all please look at those heaping mounds of garlic?


As a garlic zealot, it took all I had within me to restrain myself from doing a jig on the table. I could have done without the vermicelli, although the noodles were useful for picking up the excess garlic that didn’t make it in with my scallop. I really like the simplicity of this preparation, especially since that simplicity translates into such a delectable dish.

Oh, did I mention the garlic?


We next laid eyes on some gigantic prawns fried in oily, garlicky goodness. The skin was crunchy and edible, and while the meat was good, it was on the meager side. I think these prawns might have been underfed, poor things.


Last, and least, was our steamed fish with scallions and ginger:

DSC01617 DSC01619

I have yet to have steamed fish comparable to my dad’s back home, which disappoints me greatly. This fish meat was bland, lacking the naturally sweet flavor that I’m accustomed to, and I believe that fish is frowning because s/he let me down.

I thought this was a solid meal, though slightly disappointing in light of our high expectations for it.  We reckoned it might have been the restaurant we selected, so I look forward to going back and trying again. After walking around for a bit, we took a sampan to a strip of ‘beach’, where we leisurely occupied ourselves for the remainder of the afternoon. I’ll leave you with some pictures.

Seafood for sale:


A sampan:


The ‘beach’: pint-sized, in true Hong Kong fashion.



8 thoughts on “Seafood in Sai Kung

  1. What a feast! I want some sea scalloops topped with vermicelli and garlic now! Are those abalones in the 2nd picture on the lower right side? Those geoducks, on the upper right side, look really good in that 2nd picture as well.

  2. Brings back sweet, sweet memories of Sai Kung. I love that you can just point at the tanks and have a discussion with the head waiter about what you want to eat, rather than consult a formal menu.

    Never did encounter the scallops topped with glass noodles and garlic. My favourite was always the peeing shrimp (lai liu haa) with mounds and mounds of salty, golden garlic. The same preparation as the shrimp you photographed, I suppose.

  3. Those pictures are mouthwatering. I am now contemplating whether or not to venture forth into my local Chinatown (which is pretty extensive) to look for Hong Kong Style cuisine.

    Thanks for the hunger pangs!

  4. wow look at all these people commenting! ehehe. the food really looks delicious. omgosh esp. the garlic, vermicelli, scallop dish and of course the fried yumminess. im so excited you mentioned cozumel!! i wish you had this camera/blog for that trip. hehee.

  5. hannah, can we be friends when i go to hong kong? and can you take me to places? thank you. p.s. what kind of camera are you using?

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