Idiosyncratic eating habits

Who: two Hong Kong teenagers

What: McWings

Where: McCafe in Tai Po Centre, Hong Kong

When: Saturday 11 October, approximately 12:30pm

How: nibbling the entire fried layer off the wings before chomping into the wing meat itself


2 thoughts on “Idiosyncratic eating habits

  1. awww thats so cute. and i can totally imagine you doing that. but, wait.. wouldnt you take OFF the layer of fried yumminess? i think thats what ive seen you do in the past.. ( =

  2. hm..i guess my general position on food (the one i at least try to stick to in practice) is that if it’s not worth eating, it’s not worth putting in your mouth! ex: if it’s good korean fried chicken, i’ll gobble that up, but i would think twice about fried foods that i don’t think will taste or make me feel good.

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