diiiiim suuuuum i heart you

Until my recent trip to China, I didn’t think it was possible to eat dim sum three days in a row.  Well, that’s one more thing I can check off my to-do list for life.

And I was sort of right…it certainly wasn’t possible to gorge on dim sum for three consecutive days.  I noticed myself eating considerably less at each subsequent meal, such that by the third, I realized I probably hadn’t overeaten at a dim sum meal for the first time in…probably forever.  I’m sure even when I was a babe, my parents were spoonfeeding me mushed up pork dumplings and steamed rice rolls to shape me into the giant poofball that I was (and arguably still am ;)).

Some of the highlights:

Tea preparation:
DSC02134 DSC02138

Best chicken feet ever:

Fish heads with spicy peppers and garlic with SERIOUS YUM FACTOR.  My first time having fish heads prepared this way, and I loved the way the entire fish head, even the bones, were infused with this intensely hot, garlicky flavor.  Plus, I got to relive my childhood by eating some eyeballs.  I hope I still have friends after that comment.

Roast goose for the first time!  It looks pretty similar to duck, and is a bit tougher in texture but still pretty darn good.  Thinking about roast meats makes me salivate sometimes.
DSC02144 DSC02145

Siu mai — the porkiest siu mai I’ve ever tasted, with unbelievable girth:

Plump, juicy haw gao bursting with nicely-sized, flavorful shrimp chunks.  The shrimp was not overcooked and the skin was just the right chewiness, making it a mouthful to remember:

Amazin cha xiu bao straight from the oven — do not be deceived by the sweet milk topping. One bite through the warm tender bun revealed a saucy, sweet-yet-salty center of cha xiu filling.

Awesome, awesome beef tripe with daikon and my favorite — pan-fried daikon cakes studded with bits of chinese sausage. I almost never fail to get these whenever I have dim sum:
DSC02402 DSC02405

Sigh…I almost instinctively associate dim sum with family, which is why no matter how bad the food could get, it always manages to bring a smile to my face (or a grimace, whenever the end of the meal comes and they start jumping on top of each other to pay the bill).


3 thoughts on “diiiiim suuuuum i heart you

  1. I miss goose. It’s almost impossible to find in the US. Such a distinctive flavor.

    I have to say, the image of the chicken fingers interests me less than that of the diamante-encrusted human fingers. What a manicure.

    So the cha xiu bao were baked and not steamed? Interesting.

    Finally, nice to see tripe prepared properly. I recently blogged about making tripe Italian-style. My boyfriend literally threw up at the dinner table.

  2. oh i thought i already responded to this entry, but i guess i didnt. which is surprising b/c ive seen these pics before and i was thinking the whole time: OMGOSHHHH EVERYTHING LOOKS SOOOOO DELICIOUS and I WANT SOME NOWOOWWWWWWW and OMGOSH HANNAH YOU ARE SO LUCKY and CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT NA WOULD THINK IF SHE WERE THERE??? heheee. sigh* i had soup dumplings the other day at joe’s shanghai. they were good – but im sure not as good as the ones you could have in china/hong kong. sigh* SIGH* MAJOR SIGH*

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