Another craving meets a happy ending

I heart Korean food, particularly classics such as bibimbap, soon dobu, seafood pajun, japchae.  Eating Korean for me is often a direct application of the ‘pain is pleasure’ principle, as I can’t get enough of the scorching heat that numbs your mouth, burns your throat, and makes your eyes water.  While the thought of these things may cause the more rational to wince, I embrace food that induces such sensations.  Whatever it is, Korean food seems to bring out the masochist in me.

While Hong Kongers are not especially fond of spicy food, there is a Koreatown in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui.  We made a trip there this weekend and came across some hearty, delicious fare.


Seafood pajun, beautifully charred:
DSC02617 DSC02616

Soon dobu:

I asked for my soon dobu extra spicy, and got what I asked for. As you can tell from its hue, this baby was hot. It totally hit the spot: piping hot, uber-spicy broth, silky tofu, clams, some sticky white rice to soak in, and all was right in my world.

A ordered this cold noodle soup, and when her order came the soup was still icy!

I tried some of the broth, which was wonderfully flavorful. She gave this dish a thumbs up.

G and his bibimbap, which also got a nod of approval.

While Hong Kong can be a frustrating place at times, I do very much appreciate that the spectrum of my culinary cravings can be satisfied here. As a result, I do not usually feel deprived of food from back home, unless it’s something very specific like my father’s cooking or hot chocolate and a chocolate chip cookie from City Bakery. Hint hint, if I am on your Christmas shopping list 😀

In this post:
4/F, Miramar Shopping Centre, 132 Nathan Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong


One thought on “Another craving meets a happy ending

  1. kp!! hahaa reminds me of an old AIM sn of someone’s.. dx i’m glad you like korean food. hahaa. did you think of me at all?? dx i should take you to bookchandong soondoobu next time you and i are in new york. unless youve been there already. ( =

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