No foie gras for me, please

The more I dabble at them, the more I realize that animal organs really do not sit well with me.  I tried a pig lung for the first time last night and could not muster more than a pathetically squeamish nibble before tucking the rest of it underneath my soup spoon.  Sad, because the soup it flavored was absolute deliciousness.  I think the only organs I’ve ever eaten remotely close to gleefully are beef tripe and stomach, and that probably has more to do with my growing up thinking those were ‘normal’ than with any palatal deviancy on my part.  How do you stand?

Beef tripe (from

Beef tripe


2 thoughts on “No foie gras for me, please

  1. Welllll….I think that maybe you shouldn’t lump foie gras in the same sorry pile as other organ meats. Most people who won’t touch calf’s liver with a 10-foot pole will make exceptions for silky, moussy foie gras.

    I hate kidneys. They filter pee. I can’t get over it.

  2. i like foie gras, beef tripe, kidneys, liver, ear, .. i think it’s all pretty delicous. i think i just like meat in general.

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