“Save a red, eat a gray!”

No doubt some of you have already come across this article in the NYT Dining section today.  Given that I like to think of myself as a squirrel b/c of my predilection for nuts, seeds, and other earthy foodstuffs (and because I can be beady-eyed, puffy-cheeked, and cute too), I cringed at the thought of masticulating on the meat of my fellow brethren.  But given all the yummy things they scrounge around for, I can easily imagine squirrel meat being gamey, succulent and delicious — perhaps worth a try.  Thoughts?

(from NYT)

One thought on ““Save a red, eat a gray!”

  1. hmm.. well coming from a background where my dad once ate dog meat, i guess i cant really complain about this. hahaa. i would try it, but do you think there would be enough edible meat on that tiny tiny body? i feel like it would be all fat since they stuff themselves to keep warm.

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