Hands down my favorite dish in China



Sweet potato fries are fantastic. Toss them in a sugary substance melted at just the right temperature, such that you achieve a consistency that lies somewhere in the glorious land between liquid and goo before hardening, serve them the second they’re off the heat, tear at’em the second after, and you’ll have yourself a mouthful of something that, while childlike in simplicity, is so decadently delicious it just seems wrong.

Can you see the divine sugar trails we’re leaving as we pull off the fries with our chopsticks? This is what I’m talking about folks — what life is all about, I’m telling you.



7 thoughts on “Hands down my favorite dish in China

  1. Wow, if it caused you to lower your register to such a degree (“This. dish. was. sick.” is not at all typical of your writing voice!), I bet it was really pretty good.

    I’ve never come across this. Is it traditional to some region or just a specialty of the house?

  2. Louisa — I’m not sure, but it tasted something like what I’d expect a love child of brown sugar and honey to taste like, if that helps.

    Michele – That part of China makes extensive use of sweet potatoes since it’s a local crop, although I think this particular preparation was a specialty of the house.

  3. omgosh they have this at the korean/chinese restaurant that my family and i go to often. in korean it’s called 고구마탕 (go-goo-ma-tang). IT’S SO DELICIOUS and when they serve it it’s so hot that we dunk it in ice water and then eat it. DELICIOUS.

    • I spent several months in China and this by far beats every dessert I’ve ever had, anywhere in the world! It looks unappetizing and yes, sweet potatoes are sweet beforehand, but this is a dish worth trying no matter what!

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