A simple pleasure, dearly missed


Due to their outrageously high price tag, I had not eaten cherries since coming to Hong Kong. Along with blueberries, organic eggs, and certain other produce items, my niggardly, close-fisted, penurious self (thank you OED) cannot justify forking over a leg and a half for these things, no matter how delicious they may be. While a dozen run-of-the-mill eggs from the US cost about $15-20HK ($2.50US), 6 organic unfertilized chicken embryos from Australia cost over $60HK (~$8US) at the local supermarket. I’ve not been in the real world for very long (in fact, I rather like to think I’ve not yet entered it), so I’m not sure how much imported organic eggs go for in the US, but I can’t rationalize spending the 700% more required to get those organic chicks. I know some people say “you can’t put a price tag on your health”, but I beg to differ.

Anyway, I digress. So while perusing the wet market selection of fruits this morning, my faithful companion A and I came across cherries for a very reasonable 1lb/$18HK, and even better, for $30HK 2lbs could be gloriously ours. On the whole the cherries were deeply and luxuriously red, and the saleslady eagerly presented two cherries to us for a taste test; as soon as I bit into mine and the juicy, fleshy, barely crunchy interior exploded in my mouth, I knew a pound of those cherries was going home with me. I dearly missed the rapturous eruption of berry flesh in my mouth (although the affordable likes of mangos, dragonfruit, clementines, and other fruits have eased the pangs of longing considerably), one of the simplest pleasures to date that life has afforded me.



2 thoughts on “A simple pleasure, dearly missed

  1. Love cherries! They are quite pricey in the US now too, but I buy them from time to time as a treat.

    Have you ever tried sour cherries? If canned, they are great over icecream.

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