No-knead bread strike #2

One of my new year’s resolutions is to learn how to make a good loaf of bread. Over the years, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for the comfort and singular satisfaction that bread can bring, but it’s only recently that I’ve decided to take action and try to usher bakery-quality bread to my own doorstep. Thinking baby steps, the first bread I’m hoping to master is none other than the no-knead bread propounded by Mark Bittman and Jim Lahey.  Unfortunately, the inaccessibility of a conventional oven has made things interesting.  Good thing I am up to the challenge.

This is my second attempt at making no-knead bread (or almost no-knead bread, as I gave the first one some 10-15 kneads).  I did as I was told, but before I put it into a little toaster oven (sad, I know), a friend and I decided to envelop the dough in an aluminum foil igloo in the hopes of enclosing the bread in a space that would hypothetically resemble and function like a dutch oven.

My precious, in its igloo, waiting patiently for the oven to preheat:


Unsuccessfully attempting to recreate the dutch oven effect:


At 250C (the highest temperature setting on this darn thing, which of course was another issue), I baked it for about 30 mins with the foil on and 15 with it off.  Since I was in a rush, I did not let the bread brown properly, but I figured since it already looked sadly deflated, it wasn’t worth saving:


Of course, the bread still gave off a great aroma and was pleasantly flavorful (though I think substituting some beer and a tablespoon of vinegar for some of the water does improve the taste substantially). But I’m not sure how else to create the ‘dutch oven’ effect with such a small oven — suggestions, however out there, would be great.  Since the bread was sitting on a pyrex plate, it did develop a nice crusty bottom, so maybe somehow sandwich it between two pyrex plates with aluminum foil draped around it?

2 thoughts on “No-knead bread strike #2

  1. i would still eat that bread. looks delicious. did you close the top part with foil? or would that not have worked? maybe if you didnt, that wouldve? unless that’s dumb and it would just burn.. i dont think you should put a pyrex plate on top b/c then the bread just wouldnt rise, right? hmm.. i hope your other food connoisseurs out there help out!! because i am useless..

    • x — yes, it was completely encased in foil. i have a feeling i may have handled the dough too much before sticking it in the oven, as i had to reshape it a couple times.

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