Hiking/camping goodness

This weekend I’ll be going on a hiking/camping trip. Here are some of the goodies I’m bringing in order to sustain myself:


Going clockwise from the left, a container of dried beans and pumpkin seeds, some multigrain cardboard crackers, dark chocolate with almonds, fuji apples, baby carrots, canned tuna, and granola bars.  I’ve never been on a camping trip before, so hopefully I’ve done a decent enough job of ensuring my survival.  Have a wonderful weekend and happy chinese new year! 🙂

One thought on “Hiking/camping goodness

  1. i LOVE camping!! wow youre taking a lot of healthy food! my family used to go every summer and we like pigged out on yummy food. of course the adults would cook everything.. galbi included. but of course ramen as well. yumm.. hope your camping trip was FUN!!

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