Poonchoi Potluck

In celebration of Lunar New Year, I attended a poon choi extravaganza.   It was also partially a potluck, so I decided to try making something I’d been eyeing for awhile: David Lebovitz’s pajun.  The recipe seemed like a promising, time-saving alternative to making them with dough.


They turned out floppy (instead of crusty) but rather tasty, and I whipped up a simple sweet and sour chili dipping sauce.  Next time I’ll be sure to hit the pan with more oil before cooking these in hopes that they develop a crispified exterior.

Other potluck contributions: a trio pepper platter with a kick-ass spicy hummus, nachos with melted cheese, spaghetti, and an assortment of veggie dumplings and buns.


DSC04795 DSC04785 DSC04789

The main event, of course, was the poon (I know what some of you are thinking, but try and control your immature selves :P):


Getting heated up:


Digging in:


I tried some octopus, tofu skin, pork, taro, white turnip, mushrooms, and chicken. Though taste-wise, everything was kind of monotonous, I was pleasantly surprised by the chicken; the white meat looked like dark because it presumably had been soaking in all that meat juice for some time, and came out flavorful and moist. It doesn’t look pretty, but it left me satiated and satisfied. Xi nian kuai le!


2 thoughts on “Poonchoi Potluck

  1. happy lunar new year! it’s funny that a non-korean person is claiming to make good pajun? hahaa i’ve never heard of poon before. but i love how everybody you party with always contributes equally awesome looking food.

  2. My gosh, this is some great food! Good work.

    You should have a look in my lunchblog to get an idea on what we eat for lunch in norway… It’s muuuuuch worse.

    Keep up the good work!

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