Are vegetarians better at doing the dirrty?

Well, that’s what PETA would like us to think. Unfortunately for them, their TV ad was deemed too dirty to be aired during the Super Bowl. Here it is:

PETA’s argument is pretty lame: the gist is that vegetarians have better sex not because they’re vegetarians per se, but because they tend to be more health-conscious, thus less obese, and consequently less disposed to the problems that accompany obesity.  After all, as the article points out, a vegetarian following a strictly regimented diet of french fries would probably not be having better sex than a steak and burger fiend.  Furthermore, what does ‘better sex’ even mean and how is it measured?  It seems suspiciously synonymous with ‘more likely to have sex with a better-looking person’.  Perhaps that is all fine and well, but what the bleep do women getting off on broccoli stems and bak choy have to do with the ethical treatment of animals?  I understand the value of shock, but I’m not sure you should expect people to take you seriously when this is the level you stoop down to, and perhaps NBC did you a favor by rejecting your soft porn commercial.  I’m no prude, but maybe next time, you should shoot for more than giving your audience a hard on.

2 thoughts on “Are vegetarians better at doing the dirrty?

  1. I’m a vegetarian and even I agree with the points you’re making. However, can we even be genuinely surprised that PETA would do a commercial like this, when their ongoing campaigns tend to feature those female celebrities that are considered to be sexy and gorgeous and what-not stark naked in an attempt to sway people from eating meat?

    If PETA should have a motto, it would be: “Sex will make people eat vegetables instead of meat”

    And their efforts are as dreary as the sound of that motto.

  2. i totally agree with you. that’s ridiculous. peta has a pretty bad rep, though when it comes to these kinds of things.. which is sad b/c their main goal is to stop the cruelty towards animals, but their being sidetracked to these kinds of things kind of diminishes their cause. then everybody forgets what peta is really for..

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