Pasta potluck

As several of the ETAs are running in the marathon on Sunday, we joined together for a pasta potluck tonight to carb them up.  I’ve not been in the mood for cooking lately, so I was just planning to throw together penne tossed with olive oil, spinach, and sun-dried tomatoes.  Unfortunately, I had a brain fart at the supermarket and got a jar of roasted bell peppers instead of the tomatoes.  So, I shifted course and decided to try making a roasted pepper pesto since I had the requisite ingredients on hand (peppers, pine nuts, olive oil, garlic, basil).  Except for some good ol’ salt.  That’s right, I ran out of salt.  As I reached into my pantry and realized that my salt shaker, unusually light, was practically empty, my initial surprise turned into mild confusion which quickly degenerated into a disgusted frustration with myself.  When you run out of salt, of all things, you know you’ve hit a rough patch.

Penne with roasted red and yellow pepper pesto, onions, and fresh spinach.  Has potential but this time it was not meant to be.


Among the tasty contributions of others:

A cheese and bread platter.


Toasted garlic bread.


Linguine bolognese, bowties with tomato sauce, and mini pasta shells with sausage in a creamy tomato sauce.

DSC05018 DSC05016 DSC05021

There were also potato pancakes, along with rice pudding, red bean cakes, and mini chocolate muffins for dessert, ensuring that everyone, whether marathon runner-to be or not, hit their daily carb quota. Running a marathon has never been a goal of mine, but it’s a great excuse to congregate around food, especially hearty comfort food like pasta.  Keep a steady cast of marathon runners in your inner circle to secure for yourself joyous nights of carb OD.


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