Love from home!

Last week I received a nicely packaged shoebox in the mail with the following contents:

care package

I’ve been in Hong Kong for seven months now, and aside from a visit from my father in October, I haven’t seen any of my relatives or friends from the States. I’m not sure homesick is the right word, but a few weeks ago I was definitely itching for some lovin’. After some prodding, in came this care package direct from the US of A, stuffed with goodies galore. From L to R, dark chocolate covered pretzels from Trader Joe’s, cheese danish from Zaro’s, a couple bars of Green & Black’s dark chocolate, a fudge brownie and black and white cookie (again from Zaro’s), and Lake Champlain hot chocolate.  Absent is a bag of asiago cheese crackers, which i downed the first night.  It brought me back to the summer after my sophomore year when I paralegaled in Midtown and would grab a toasted asiago bagel every morning before work.

Thanks b 🙂

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