Macau xiao chi zhen hao chi!

My weekend in Macau was more or less an eating marathon.  Restaurant meals are forthcoming, but in the meantime, here are some of the snacks I indulged in during those glorious 36 hours.

I know this is a repeat shot from the last post, but I couldn’t help myself: the custard in this portuguese egg tart was delicioso.


Double-boiled milk custard: Here’s a recipe I found if you’re interested in the process. Both original and ginger pudding flavors were available. For some reason, the original was very pudding-like in texture, while the ginger-flavored one was much more soupy and served hot, which makes me wonder if the consistency was a result of the temperature. Both were satisfying, but I definitely enjoyed the singular spiciness of the ginger. Even though I’m not usually a ginger person, I could definitely see myself eating a vat of that stuff on a frosty winter day.

DSC05415 DSC05418 DSC05432

Mmm…jerky. Lots of animal jerky. I’m sure the vegetarians out there probably aren’t too fond of the “spicy piglet”. There was also wild boar, veal, and chicken in addition to the usual beef and pork.


As we were moseying around town, one of my companions alerted me to this fantastic scene in a Haagen Dazs shop:


I suspect there are at least 12 scoops of ice cream on that tray, and my heart leapt with joy when I saw that those two little girls were being raised right.

A walnut and cashew tart in one memorable encounter:


Unfortunately, some treats were consumed too quickly or in less than ideal photo conditions (i.e. on a moving bus on a cloudy day). There was also some top-notch ice cream at milktop, the ultimate creme caramel at bittersweet, and serradura to be had.  But you get the picture — Macau is full of fun and tasty “sai chan” (small eats), which kind of matches the whole feel of the place. I can’t wait to come back 🙂 And a big shoutout and thanks to our hosts for the weekend — you guys rock.


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