Tea time buffet: Mandarin Oriental

[This is the second in a series of posts on tea time buffets in Hong Kong.]

“Chocolate afternoon tea” at the Mandarin Oriental — hell yes.


The price of the tea time buffet includes your choice of tea or coffee, and I had a lovely citrus ginger tea. It’s kind of scary how often ginger has been popping up in my posts of late.  Is it possible that I’m becoming ever so slightly partial to my childhood nemesis?


Raisin and regular scones with clotted cream and rose petal jam. The scones were soft, warm, delightfully buttery bosoms of sheer happiness.  The rose petal jam was a touch cloying but magically fragrant.

DSC05540 DSC05541

Dainty finger sandwiches: wrapped with cucumber, egg, bacon, and smoked salmon. I passed on these in an effort to conserve stomach space, but they’re mighty cute.


Here’s a highlight reel from the chocolate/desserts table.  You can find much more porn on the flickr page.

The spread:







And my pickings:

Passion fruit creme brulee, strawberry vanilla tart, chocolate wafer cake, carrot cake.


Shortbread on a stick, macaroon, cheesecake, sea salt chocolate.


Spicy hot chocolate.


Macaroon, assorted chocolate-covered nuts, chocolate donut.


Between the six of us, we managed to try everything that was on hand. My favorites included the carrot cake (I definitely have a soft spot for carrot cake with a good cream cheese frosting), macaroons (a bit sweet but a sensationally delicate, cloud-like shell that shattered on contact), chocolate-covered macadamias, and cheesecake (for which the Mandarin Oriental Bake Shop is famous). There were also some interesting variations on classic desserts, like the passionfruit creme brulee and an earl grey-infused chocolate pudding/mousse that one companion “kept coming back to”. What was lacking were salty diversions to counteract the self-inflicted barrage of sweets. Even though I consumed a hefty amount of chocolate, I still thought I could’ve eaten more had there been some respite for my palate. But tragically, there was only more chocolate to be had. Tragic indeed 😉 Overall, this tea time buffet is definitely recommended: beautiful presentation, attentive service, tasteful decor, superior scones and sweets.  If you have anything close to a sweet tooth, I’d argue that the experience is well worth the price.  We lingered for 2.5 hours and never felt pressed to rush or leave.  Take care to make a stop at the MO’s Bake Shop before you leave as well.

Mandarin Oriental Chocolate Afternoon Tea
Mandarin Oriental Hotel
5 Connaught Road
Central, Hong Kong


12 thoughts on “Tea time buffet: Mandarin Oriental

  1. Hello there,

    I am the Marketing Manager at Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong and I wanted to thank you for your kind words about our tea and your beautiful photography which does justice to our talented Chefs creations.

    We look forward to welcoming you back very soon.

    Thank you,

    Katie Harel

  2. wish i could go!! (oooh howd you get the above person to read this post??). it reminds me of the chocoholics’ buffet they had on the cruise i went to, but def. not as classy as this place looks. i want that smoked salmon cube thing. i die for smoked salmon.. drool*

  3. @ pinked — i remember driscoll sundays when we’d line up early just so you guys could get to the smoked salmon plate 🙂 also, i’m guessing the marketing manager of MO probably found this post from googling.

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  5. Ow!! chocolate heaven!!! thank you for posting this up!! I’ve been searching online for things to do while in Hong Kong. I’ll be leaving the US to HK at the end of May, and I’ll definitely go to the MO while I’m there!! 😀 THANK YOU!!

    • Well I hope it’s as good as you say it is. I’m going tomorrow and looking forward to it. I think I’m also going to sneak in some salty food (french fries?) to balance the sweetness. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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  7. We were staying in HK with our family for a farewell treat before returning to NZ they took us to High Tea last Sunday. It was just magnificent. Think I sampled most things. I am not a tea drinker but did enjoy the citrus and ginger tea. Do you make it yourself or is it available commercially?,

  8. high definition pictures, wonder what camera was used. good mandarin oriental hk, where wrestlie chang committed suicide, i love mandarin oriental hk’s dessert buffet too. fantastic place

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