More food lovin’ in Macau

[The contents of this post are from 29 Feb.]

During our lazy weekend in Macau, we didn’t make time to see the Venetian but we did manage to mosey our way down to Taipa. The main village area is a charming, playful melange of soft and bold pastels, fashionably worn storefronts, and purveyors of almond cookies and other Macanese treats enticing passerbys with freely-distributed samples.  It definitely has a kind of art deco thing going on, and considering how visually monochromatic I find Hong Kong at times, provided a much-appreciated change of scenery.

Before walking around, we stepped inside this cute place for lunch…


…and had our last taste of Portuguese and Macanese fare for the weekend.

OGs (obligatory greens):


Ginormous grilled veal and vegetable kebab:


Plated product:


Potato-cod fritters:


Claypot lamb stew:


We washed down the meal with some sangria, and made sure to save some room for dessert up the street, which included some serradura and a memorable creme caramel. And some free almond cookies, of course.


It’s worth noting that there was another restaurant on this street called Pinocchio. Macau seriously rocks.

45 Rua dos Clerigos
Taipa Village
Taipa Island, Macau


One thought on “More food lovin’ in Macau

  1. the lamb stew looks good. reminds me of lamb masala at spice root. kekee. is that ginormous kebab a portuguese thing? i feel like i’ve been to a restaurant before where they served something similar and i think it was some kind of ethnic food, but i forget..?

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