s’mores: the all-american dessert

As part of a “desserts night” event for our dorm, s’mores were the obvious choice to represent the American dessert tradition.  While roasting the marshmellows would’ve been ideal, we had to settle for the inferior microwave method to get the marshmellows appropriately gooey, though the marshmellow poofing did prove to be exceptionally entertaining for much of the night.

The ingredients: digestive crackers (graham crackers were not to be found), lindt swiss milk chocolate, white marshmellows.  Could it be less complicated?


Waiting in line to be microwaved:


Close up before being zapped…cute stuff:


Oozing sticky, sugary goo:



The students ate the stuff up.  For most, it was their first time trying this quintessential American concoction, and I think they were impressed with how simple, fun, and decadent s’mores are.  Some of them even dived in for seconds, which is saying something, as these s’mores were quite hefty due to the liberal distribution of chocolate on our assembly line.  S’mores as a vehicle for cross-cultural exchange: who knew.


2 thoughts on “s’mores: the all-american dessert

  1. Those are some scrumptious-looking s’mores. Reminds me, it’s been way too long since I’ve had some…thanks for the idea :))

  2. omgosh looks sooo delicious. my sister’s friend brought over some homemade smores adapted brownies. she basically baked brownies and put a layer of melted marshmallows on top of that (i’m sure you could just place marshmallows on brownies taken just out of the oven and the heat would melt them) and then put graham crackers on top. it was good.

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