Malteser-stuffed tong yuen…eh?

At our desserts night event earlier this week, the students made tong yuen, a traditional Chinese dessert of glutinous rice balls in a ginger-infused, lightly sweetened broth.  However, instead of getting stuffed with the classic crushed peanut, red bean paste, or black sesame fillings, some of these ballers had maltesers tucked inside, to my amusement.  That’s right, maltesers!

Tong yuen filled with rock candy: my first time eating these, and I quite enjoyed the way the sugar liquefied so that you could catch a bit of it in every bite.


Maltesers getting the glutinous rice dough treatment. I didn’t particularly like the malteser-tong yuen, but appreciated the efforts at creativity/hybridization.


Babies in the hot tub:


All this talk about maltesers has gotten me on a craving — off to 7-11 to pick me up a box 🙂


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