Dim sum with Jason

This is Jason:


Jason and I met on our very first day as Williams students, and he plays a noteworthy role in many of my fondest college memories. While we’ve definitely walked separate paths and led different social lives, he’s always been dear to me and we’ve accumulated some good times over the years. Whether enduring upper level bio classes or road tripping or sharing our latest reads, we manage to find ways to reconnect, so I guess it’s no surprise that he’s on my turf here in Hong Kong.  We recently caught up over dim sum, and while the meal was good, it didn’t match the waves of comfort, nolstagia, and joy that accompanied his presence 😀

DSC05640 DSC05642 DSC05644 DSC05646 DSC05648 DSC05650


3 thoughts on “Dim sum with Jason

  1. ahhhh fannerrrrr. kekee. he’s a celeb, now!! ( x i’m so jealous you guys got to see each other, i haven’t been able to see either of you in a while. and seriously look at that long hair!!

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