Penang: Day 2 Lunch

Lunch @ Loh Eng Hoo Coffee Shop, 84 Lorong Selamat, 10400 Penang.

Curry mee vendor:


Char koay teow vendor: check out his eyewear!


Obviously a studmuffin:


Seating area inside the coffee shop:


Lunch: curry mee – noodles were overdone, but the soup was tasty — tongue-tingling but not too spicy and pleasantly full-bodied. I absolutely heart the interplay of coconut milk and curry…it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing. The flavors were born for one another.


Chee cheong fun: The rice noodles were a bit too floppy and the sauces too wantonly applied for my liking.


Char koay teow: you bet we got each got our own plates of this…sharing is for the faint of heart. Throw together some chili sauce enrobing enormous prawns bursting with sweet flesh, chinese pork sausage, crunchy bean sprouts, scallions, fried egg bits, scraps of fried lard, oysters I don’t care for, and pliant rice noodles to bring it all together and you have one serious flavor explosion. It might’ve been my favorite dish of the trip, and I’m salivating as it replays in my head.


Ice kacang for dessert: incredibly refreshing after walking around town. The ice cream was custardy with a peanut brittle-esque swirl and made for a soothing contrast to the piercing icy sweetness of the shaved ice underneath.


Manning the ice shaver:


Whizzing away:


2 thoughts on “Penang: Day 2 Lunch

  1. Again, that’s how Chee Cheong Fun is supposed to be–soft and freshly steamed rice rolls with loads of heh ko, the same sauce used in rojak. After reading your two posts, I think you haven’t yet acquired the taste for heh ko. 🙂

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