Penang: Day 2 continued

What comes between lunch and dinner?  Lunner, of course: it’s what all the cool kids are doing.

Tee Nya Kuih: bouncy rice cakes lathered with palm syrup (mixed with brown sugar?) — a fun and light pick0me-up.

Cendol: my favorite Malaysian dessert.  Have at it before the ice melts, but when it does, the palm syrup and coconut milk-laced soup that results is arguably just as satisfying. I would totally bottle that stuff and down it by the gallon.  The pandan noodles (aka the green squiggles) were cute, a nice little addition to every other spoonful or so, but I could’ve done without the beans…they unnecessarily weighed down the dish.

Rojak: too much of the pungent shrimp paste sauce, completely overpowering the fresh, raw vegetables and fruit.  If I wanted this much sauce in my system, I’d drink it.  Rasa Malaysia calls this a “Penang-style salad”, but the “salad” part was playing second fiddle here…it was more like a shrimp paste soup that just happened to be dumped onto some raw veggies.

Banana pancake: my friend S’s favorite.  I get the feeling there are a few versions of this around Malaysia; this one was a ultra-crispy, thin as possible crepe stuffed with bananas and a sugary peanut filling.  A great ingredient combination that just works.

Roti canai and stuffed roti: I can see it now — fried bread as the next health food craze.


Unfortunately, I did not capture the contents of our dinner this evening, which included a ton of satay, some tasty roasted chicken, and more banana pancakes (similar to these).  What’s more unfortunate is that during this meal, a button exploded off a most undesirable section of my dress.  I don’t think the button explosion was food-related, unless my food gets redirected…elsewhere.

New World Cafe
10 Swatow Lane


2 thoughts on “Penang: Day 2 continued

  1. Hi there, glad that you went to Penang. Well, for rojak, that’s just the way it’s supposed to be. There is really no salad concept in Malaysian cuisine. The heh ko is what makes rojak so pungently delicious and downright addictive. We love our rojak drenched in the sauce, without it, we might as well just eat fresh fruits. But I reckon that it’s an acquired taste and some getting used to.

  2. hahahaaa the button thing made me laugh.. i’m curious as to what part of your body it came from?!?!?! [ ; ooh i’d totally go for that banana pancake and roti canai!!

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