Kampuchea Eats: Siem Reap

Dinner at a Thai place in town:

Minced meat (chicken? beef? pork?) appetizer:

Papaya salad: wetter than usual. Many papaya salads and their close relatives, mango salads, were consumed by us on this trip.

My tom yum soup: made into a main dish by the practical addition of flat rice noodles.

Lunch near Angkor Wat:

Fried spring rolls: came out piping out and looking pregnant.

Steaming mound of chicken fried rice: as you can tell, portions were large, appealing to the frugal Chinese in me. My dad would approve.

Chicken curry:

My vegetable amok: heaping quantity of julienned vegetables in a steamed curry sauce.

Dinner: pizza!

My pizza with anchovies: no problems polishing off the entire pie, I’m proud to say 😛

G’s pie…don’t remember what was on this one:

B’s pie of multiple cheeses: i had a slice and the tangy blue cheese sticks out in my mind in a good way.

A opted for a mango salad and a stir-fried chicken and basil dish:
DSC06451 DSC06451

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