Eats: Phu Quoc Island

The last stop on my Easter vacation was Phu Quoc, a small, relatively undeveloped island in the Gulf of Thailand off the coast of Vietnam. PQ is famous for its fish sauce and beaches, and has yet to be overrun by tourists and tourist-driven establishments.  In the early mornings I practically had the beach to myself, and would take a leisurely dip before breakfast while the sun lazily meandered its way over the horizon.  The complementary breakfast at the hotel was one drink and one item off the menu, and I mostly stuck with hot coffee, an omelet, and baguette.  In the spirit of laziness, I didn’t bring my camera to the breakfast table or whip it out as much as I usually do.  Here are some of the highlights:

Freshly caught and fried squid aboard our squid fishing adventure.  Sadly, most of these buggers were caught by the guy who fishes for a living, not us.  And the seafood was very heavily salted, to the point of inedibility, but add beer to any equation and problems tend to disappear.


A tasty squid congee, also aboard the boat:


Seafood pasta:


Grilled mackeral: must have been a mighty large mackeral, a few times the size of the mackeral i’m used to eating.


shrimp in a tamarind sauce:


Stuffed squid:


Crab fried rice:


Braised claypot fish:


More grilled fish:


In general the food was solid but secondary in my mind to just being there, not having anything to do or anywhere to go, living by the hour.  i spent a lot of time staring out into the water, letting my mind wander as it wanted, journaling frequently about things important and not.  it wasn’t a sustainable existence, just a nice retreat

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