Sushi at the 7

As I was reaching to grab some milk cartons this morning at 7-11, I jerked back in silent exclamation when I noticed that to the left of the milk section, there was a display of assorted sushi and hand rolls for sale.  I studied it curiously for a moment, taking in the neat rows of individually-wrapped servings in such ‘flavors’ as radioactive green seaweed, a burnt orange seafood concoction, and dried pork floss.  I’ve long accustomed myself to the 7’s curried fish balls, garlic-laced ramen noodles, and those shiny mystery meat hot dogs churning slowly on the electric grill, all party to the certain kind of fast food the 7 specializes in.  But the sushi definitely caught me off guard, even if it may not be sushi proper.  I haven’t tried it yet though I’ll be sure to, but in the mean time, I wonder if this taking of the supermarket/deli-zation of sushi one step further is contributing to the denigration or democratization of it.  THoughts?

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