A new beginning, a non-beginning

The last three weeks have been the most consistently eventful of my life.  After spending an adventure-soaked three days in Yangshuo, China, splitting time between rock climbing, biking, cave exploring, mud bathing, and cherishing every minute of my first (and likely last) hot air balloon ride, I returned to Hong Kong for a hectic final few days, juggling packing, attending to family matters, pursuing job options for next year, and saying goodbyes.  At a certain point I felt blindsided, painfully numb, while struggling mightily to maintain a collected front.  Leaving Hong Kong despite having failed to fully complete any of the above, I headed for Thailand, where I spent a week and change traversing Bangkok and Chiang Mai.  In Bangkok, we alternated between fending off blatantly dishonest hawkers and cab drivers and taking in the city’s diverse sights, though rarely with an appreciation free from distraction.  Still, I located moments of reprieve: a delightful Thai massage riddled with bone cracking and groans tuned to the pleasure of pain, an exquisite Thai lunch, a day trip to the ruins of Ayutthaya, the long-awaited companionship of a dear friend.  We laid low in Chiang Mai, Bangkok’s Siem Reap, day-long downpours passed in the company of Girl Interrupted, Volver, Little Miss Sunshine, and several cartons of phad thai.  I returned to Hong Kong, never glimpsing the sun as I rose bleary-eyed the next morning to make the four-airport trek home.

The point of all this being that my life has lapped my blog and left it reeling as result.  I do feel a bit guilty, but I’ve also come to realize that blogging, as much as I enjoy it, is an expendable part of me.  And that realization is liberating, in the sense that there’s no longer a need to obsess over synchronizing my blog with my life: that while it’s a priority to blog regularly when I’m in a position to do so, skipping a week here and there isn’t going to bring TLG world crashing down.  Instead of insisting on picking up exactly where I left off, letting gaps be gaps and focusing on creating a continuous larger picture.

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