Pad-ding it up

Back in college, I had a strong affinity for the pad thai from Thai Garden, one of a whopping four restaurants along “Williamstown’s Times Square” (no kidding, that’s how it was advertised to me), the bustling thoroughfare that is Spring Street.  I hardly ever eat fried noodles when I’m at home, but somehow it resonates in my mind as comfort food, along with stuff like meatloaf and mash, blueberry pie, ice cream, American-Chinese food, and ramen.  Whether or not the pad thai was authentic was irrelevant, as my fondness for it had more to do with the circumstances under which I ate it (at birthday dinners, during study breaks, and on sunny spring days) than how it actually tasted.  In any case, I was excited to see how it would fare against the real deal in Thailand.  Overall, I found the versions we had in Thailand to be more boldly flavored with a lower noodle-to-other stuff ratio.  There was one time I had pad thai with an unusually strong essence of ketchup, and I got the sense that cooks ad lib quite a bit when making this dish, which I found ironic: it’s practically a national dish but you’d be hard-pressed to find it made the same way twice.  I also noshed on pad see ew a few times throughout the course of my trip, as my companion and I usually ordered one of the two noodles to accompany most of our meals.  Some hits and misses, but at the very least, you can count on pad see ew to give your lips a nice post-meal sheen 😛

Shrimp pad thai:

Thailand 002

Vegetarian pad see ew:


Shrimp pad thai:


Pork pad see ew (my uber-caramelized product at the cooking school):



One thought on “Pad-ding it up

  1. those are awesome!! omgosh i cant believe you made them. and wait, you’re taking cooking classes?? wait, why dont i know about this.. wait, am i confused? hahaa sorry i havent been keeping up as i should have been. boo..

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