Mr. Banana Cake

While I don’t think an objectively perfect banana cake exists, I do think I am inching closer to my ideal.  My Mr. Banana Cake is moist, fluffy, and ever so spongy.  He is unhealthy only by necessity, sweet enough to satisfy a craving without giving me a sugar buzz, and enjoys being taken with a hot cup of coffee just as much as a cold glass of milk.  He does not leave my fingers oily or my mouth parched and can be supplemented with nuts, a shot of expresso, or a handful of chocolate chips, though the banana-y essence should always shine.  The aggregate of these parts is a banana cake I would gladly devote my life to.

Banana cake

I used the same recipe as usual, but substituted a second egg yolk for the two tablespoons of butter and didn’t miss them.  I also separated the yolks and whites, whipping the latter until stiff before folding them into the batter just before putting it in the oven.  As expected, this extra step added substantially more poofiness to the cake, like how a dog puffs up after a nice blowdrying session.  Oh, and I took up Mr. Lebovitz’s suggestion, dissolving some instant coffee in boiling water and tossing that to the batter as well, but I couldn’t really taste it in the end product.  Next time, I’ll definitely be incorporating a more potent coffee mixture.  Perhaps that will take my banana cake to the next level.  Then all I’ll have to do is wait for a ring. 

 Banana cake


One thought on “Mr. Banana Cake

  1. oooooh that looks DELICIOUS! can we have a meeting/get together at your place so i can actually eat your food? also, what is the difference bt banana bread and banana cake? or are you just calling banana bread banana cake?

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