What’s for dinner? The kitchen sink.

The combination of my fondness for a good challenge and my innate thriftiness has me rummaging through the fridge every few days, rounding up the odds and ends that have inevitably accumulated over the week, and attempting to construct a serviceable meal from the sundry ingredients and leftovers at my fingertips. This afternoon I located a truckload of white rice, as well as some rotisserie chicken and a couple each of zucchinis, sweet potatoes, and carrots, plenty of ammo for a tasty, nutritious meal. The white rice, chicken, and zucchinis came together with onions and celery in a flavorful juk sing (ABC)-style fried rice seasoned with soy, maggi, oyster sauce, and a touch of hot sauce (a secret weapon). I served the rice wrapped in egg pouches for quaintness (and because fried rice must contain eggs in my book).


The sweet potatoes and carrots made sweet, tender love in a wholesome mash made all the more delicious by its off the charts good for you-ness.  I boiled them until tender in heavily salted water (about 20 or 30 mins, I lost track), broke them down until rustically integrated, and added parsley, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and a drizzle of honey.  It won’t be taking home any prizes for pulchritude but my oh my, from the mellow sweetness of the sweet potatoes accentuated by the honey to the balsamic-brushed carrot nibs, I just could not stop eating more.  As I told a fellow foodie friend, I’d take this dish over your Average Joe mashed potatoes any day of the year.  Except maybe Thanksgiving.



One thought on “What’s for dinner? The kitchen sink.

  1. your top dish reminds me of omurice. im sure you’ve heard of it – it looks just like that with the fried rice wrapped in a thin layer of cooked egg, but the rice is mixed with ketchup i think..

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