I’m a survivor

The sole survivor in our otherwise impotent vegetable garden.  Granted, the plants were neglected for most of the summer, so I don’t blame them for their sterility.  This photo came out more risque than was intended — I was just trying to give this poor thing a proper portrait to honor its existence and this scandalous picture is what I come up with.  On a sidenote, I have been judiciously using up that leftover sauce from the Vietnamese spring rolls, with great success.  Yesterday I finished off the last of it on some chicken lettuce wraps (absolutely delicious — I put down almost two chicken breasts eaten like so).  Used in moderation and with tweaks, I think it could also make a great slaw dressing.

Next couple weeks I’ll be skimping on the posts (and cooking, but not eating).  Exam tomorrow morning then off to the city to celebrate and relax.  Boston/New Haven next week.  Saw the school bus swing around my neighborhood today and almost started walking toward it.  It’s been that kind of week.


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