TLG in Cambridge, MA

As the title suggests, yours truly will be blogging from a new crib in Cambridge, MA, thanks to a fortuitous job opportunity.  I have been kept off the airwaves in recent days by all the scrambling, packing, and moving, but I am almost ready to get back in action.  For tlg Cambridge edition, I anticipate great things.  My goal continues to be a balanced meal of home-cooked congestibles and restaurant explorations.  I may need some time to procure the essentials for my kitchen — right now I have little more than salt, bread, peanut butter, bok choy, yogurt, eggs, and oats.  But you better believe I plan on cooking and sharing many a meal.  And I have heard the Boston area is no slouch of a foodie city, Cambridge especially.  From what I’ve observed thus far, there’s an abundance of gourmet specialty stores, ethnic restaurants, and small cafe types, which I dig.  There will also be the occasional musing and such, so I hope you’ll continue to indulge me and perhaps even join me in that.

Now eating: the addicting, nolstagia-inducing almond cookies from the chinese grocery store near home.


3 thoughts on “TLG in Cambridge, MA

  1. So jealous. Where in Cambridge are you living? If you go to Bartley’s Burger Cottage, I definitely want a post. I’ve been wanting to go there for 5 years.

    • Pretty close to Harvard Square. Haven’t been to Bartley’s yet but it’s definitely on my must-eat list. Let you know if I do!

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