In the neighborhood, take 1

My first Saturday morning in Cambridge was wet and dreary, a good excuse to cast aside my plans for a productive, errand-filled day.  Besides, I reasoned, I’ve earned a break after a hectic and stressful seven days, which saw me search desperately for an apartment both online and in person, pack, haul my stuff up, and start a new job.  Lacking in motivation (and ingredients) to cook a proper meal, I resorted to takeout for lunch from my most immediate takeout food option, a Persian/Middle Eastern place.  Yelp gives Kolbeh of Kabob solid reviews, noting the falafel in particular, but feeling carnivorous, I went with another classic, a lamb gyro ($8).  The bread was a bit chewy (from multiple re-heatings?  sad, considering the pitas are homemade) and I was expecting more meat for my buck.  But there was a nice bite from the feta and yogurt sauce.  And when I went in to get my order, I saw one patron digging into a thick greenish soup that, after inquiring, I discovered to be a traditional Persian soup made of herbs and three kinds of legumes (lentils, favas i think, and something else I missed).  I haven’t really encountered Persian cuisine before, so maybe my strategy henceforth will be to pass on the Middle Eastern stuff and taste my way through the Persian portion of the menu.  But regarding the gyro, I’m almost certain there are better $8 lunch options in the area.


Kolbeh of Kabob
1500 Cambridge St
Cambridge, MA 02139

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