Darwin’s Ltd.

Darwin’s is a self-described “unique, bohemian, shabby – chic deli and cafe.”  Sounds ripe with the possibility of pretension but I will pass judgment.  Anyway, their sandwiches get consistently mad raves, so I decided to check it out yesterday night and was not disappointed.  Feeling beefy, I ordered The Ashton — roast beef, red onions, roasted red peppers, lettuce, feta chunks, and sweet tarragon vinaigrette — on sourdough.  The bread was fresh and first-rate, and in fact all the ingredients were, a must for any sandwich to impress.  $8 is not cheap and will not breed a daily habit but I can definitely appreciate a gourmet sandwich with some regularity, so I might try and work my way through the menu.  One every two weeks and I should be finished by spring, just in time to start all over.



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