Stupid me

Why did I not google “food writing” earlier? I did this during a lunch break last week and found two blogs I wish I had known about long before now. The first is Michael Ruhlman’s blog, Notes from the Food World. Maybe you haven’t heard of Ruhlman; neither had I. But you and I, presuming we care about food and by extension the people influencing this subject in important ways, would do well to familiarize ourselves with his writing. One could learn, for example, how to get into the CIA without going to it; how to secure a lifelong friendship with Anthony Bourdain (and a special appearance on No Reservations); and how to ascend to the judges throne on “The Next Iron Chef” (panel is euphemistic considering how much power those guys wield).  Those three things alone make his a life I could envy, if I don’t already.

In addition, he’s co-authored cookbooks with baller chefs Thomas Keller and Eric Ripert and written several notable books of his own, both food-related and not. His most recent is Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking, which I’ve just ordered online, and which deftly challenges and reinforces the notion of cooking as art (versus baking as the science).  He strikes me as a happy threesome between writer, sociologist, and gastronome, the proportions naturally varying by project; but while his interests are diverse all seem to emanate from a similar sense of commitment to understanding and elucidating an aspect of his world, be it a dish, a community, or an experience.  I think this provides his body of work a coherence that isn’t apparent from the variety of subjects he’s written on.

The second is Eat Me Daily: Food is Culture.  The content on this site is spectacularly unpredictable, spanning current events at the intersection of food and anything else remotely cultural, with the occasional longer feature.  The strength of this site is the links, many of which are irresistable (this from a person who thinks most links as useless).  It’s the alluring alternations of witty, bold, pithy, playful, informative, thought-provoking stuff, always always with the self-described “with teeth” -ness, that has me by the horns.  Check it out, and lunch is on me if you don’t find something on the front page that makes you raise an eyebrow or go hm or haha.


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