Quick T-day rundown

Some pictures from our family’s Thanksgiving dinner:

Bird nesting


Bird’s eye view…hah hah?


Some of the other dishes, from bottom L: bean thread noodles, seaweed, loh bak goh in the unopened container, veggie stir-fry, pork dumplings, chocolate muffins, canned cranberry sauce, roasted sweet potatoes, fresh shrimp spring rolls, strawberry muffins that my great-aunt has been making for our Thanksgiving gatherings since way back.


We also had pork ribs, a roasted rooster, a stir-fry of broccoli, mushrooms, and sea cucumbers, clam chowder, Chinese melon soup, and an assortment of pies for dessert. Noticeably missing were stuffing and cornbread, which are two of my favorite carb dishes, though the blueberry pie quickly curbed my desire for anything else.


I’d also like to take this opportunity to proclaim my soft spot for canned cranberry sauce. I may be in the minority but I think there aren’t many better bites out there than canned cranberry + mashed potatoes with gravy + stuffing and maybe cornbread or something crispy for textural contrast, especially for someone with a strong cultural and emotional attachment to this stuff.  I also enjoy its spreadability, which enables me to lavish it on freshly baked bread or toast.  It has a mellowness that’s not too sweet and just a touch tart (the lack of intense flavor, I like), and though I’m not sure why I’m a huge fan of its consistency.  It’s absolutely nothing like fresh, homemade versions but that inexplicably adds to its appeal for me.  Nowadays, if I had to organize a Thanksgiving dinner I would make sure that a made from scratch cranberry sauce is also on the table, but no way is that ever going to replace the artificial goodness of its canned counterpart; they’re like apples and oranges, totally different but both delicious.

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