On the shelves: persimmons

aka these delicious bad boys:


My parents had two boxes of them waiting for me last weekend. I probably ate 10 in the three days I was home for Thanksgiving, and stuffed a bag of them into my duffel to take back with me to Cambridge. I am addicted to their sweet meaty flesh and especially love the crunchy pulp that makes such satisfying pops when you munch munch munch. Persimmons are in season in the fall and winter, and the two main varieties are the hachiya, best consumed when soft and tender, and the fuyu, which can be eaten at any stage of ripeness. Hachiyas are probably better for smoothies and quick breads, but are also delicious raw; when fully ripened, they basically slip out of their skin in a goopy orange heap as sweet as nectar. These were fuyus; smaller, crunchier, and depending on how ripe they are when consumed, can resemble anything from an apple to a melon-mango kind of creature.

On an unrelated note, I’ve been drinking a lot of water out of recycled glass jars recently, jars that have not been washed well. As a result, my drinking water has lately been flecked with salsa, peanut butter, and pasta sauce. Yum-O! says Rachel Ray.

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