12 reasons why HMART rocks my world

This is the song I am singing for my holidays: 12 reaasons why HMART rocks my world.

12) The insanity of looking for a parking space on weekends is frustrating (I think of mall parking in Jersey back in the day), but builds up such anticipation and appreciation when I finally enter the store.

12) Pleasant surprises like free cotton candy at the front entrance, straight from the whirling cotton candy machine.

11) The warm smell of sweet buns that greets me as you walk in.

10) The grocery carts actually work; the wheels dont get all funky and stuck.

9) The workers are really friendly — especially the fresh kimchi and pickled stuff ladies. They will banter with you if you start!

8)The abundant and generous samples — kimchi, dumplings, short ribs.

7) The tiny ajimas bowling over me to get the last sample on the tray.

6) The fresh produce section, which puts most other markets to shame and is almost always cheaper than the norm.

5) There is a food court in the store and the Korean food is delicious.

4) The Hello Kitty store at the exit amuses me.

3) Buying significantly more than I should, or can reasonably eat in a month. Then I bless the fridge that I otherwise take for granted.

2) I get to be the kid in the candy store. And I don’t have to steal to get what I want (there is a story for that; ask)!

1) Feeling the weight in my bags, I walk out with a sense of accomplishment and precious happiness.


One thought on “12 reasons why HMART rocks my world

  1. OH man, and I STILL have not been out there yet! I guess I am so afraid of the crowds that I want to wait a bit before trying to navigate it. Maybe after the new year I’ll have to check it out!

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