First meal of 2010

Mine took place around 230am after a night of lighthearted revelry spanning two house parties, an ill-fated trip to penn station, and a sojourn along the upper east side. Twas a half-decent slice of tomato and onion pizza at an east 70’s joint in the company of a trio of fellow ephs, two of whom unknowingly doused their own pizza slices in salt while thinking it was parmesan cheese, to the hilarity of us all. The entertainment of watching them employ various strategems to maximize the edibility of the pizza was priceless, especially in our inebriated states. We robustly cheered the inaugural meal with the remains of our pizza crusts, and even as the food itself was unmemorable, the moment spoke fondly to me and is sure to summon a hearty laugh for some time.  As I hope this picture of me in my festive glasses does, too.  Happy New Year’s!

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