Cooking for one: pork chops and pasta

I marinated the pork chop with salt and brown sugar, then pan-fried it with soy sauce and garlic. The pasta I made not by boiling but risotto-style a la Bittman. I prefer this method because you dont have to wait for a pot of water to boil, and I usually stand over the stove while I am cooking anyway.  And the pasta basically stews in its own starchy goodness.  Cavatappi squiggles in all the right places, great for trapping flavor, and I have declared my love for it before.  I cooked the pasta with chunks of butternut squash and spinach, all in the same pot, with lots of black pepper.  The squash cooked in about half the time the pasta did, though if you want it soft enough to mush into a sauce, then I suggest just cooking them together at once.


I am still feeling under the weather and called in sick today.  I always thought people eat less when they are sick but I think I actually eat more.  Is that unusual?  Do you guys eat more or less when you get sick?


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