When a dish fails, do you eat the remains?

I always go back and forth.  A couple months back I made that off-tasting citrus olive oil cake.  I took a couple bites and then tossed it.  I learned a lesson from baking that cake but the product of that experiment made me want to gag.  When we tried kimchi pancakes a few weeks ago, we made a mess but we ate them and enjoyed them too.  We also didn’t have much else to eat.  Last week I was craving pancakes but didn’t have flour so I ran some oatmeal in the food processor and tried making pancakes with that.  Perhaps if i had let the batter soak longer it would have worked, but after a half hour my craving subsided and the oatmeal “flour” still had not absorbed enough of the liquid.  The batter looked like bread puke.  I trashed that too.  Would you?

One thought on “When a dish fails, do you eat the remains?

  1. Eat it if it’s not going to cause a gag reflex — otherwise you have to cook something else. We are still in a recession buddy!

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