Dinner for one: dumplings and edamame

A couple weeks ago I had lunch at my friend J’s, a simple repast of Chinese dumplings and dumpling broth.  But these frozen dumplings were fantastic, and I found out J still eats the same brand of dumplings that he ate growing up.  I have not yet met an Asian parent that does not know a good dumpling.  I despaired, thinking I would only be able to find them in Chinatown or H-Mart or some other Asian grocery store that I don’t have easy access to.  So you can imagine my excitement when I actually noticed these dumplings tonight at one the small, overpriced, neighborhood markets that I frequent out of mere convenience.  These dumplings come in a nondescript clear bag with a plain white label that says Chinese Brand [type of filling] Dumplings.  I probably paid twice the amount I would have in an Asian store but it was worth it.  These plump dough-boys are thick and juicy, definitely in the top tier of frozen dumplings I have consumed over the years.  The store did not have the classic pork and leek dumplings so I got the pork and shrimp.  The skins hold up well to a vigorous boiling bath, becoming pliant as they cook but still firm and chewy.  Along with some edamame and dumpling soup, and a good Olympics schedule on TV, my tummy stayed warm and happy on this cold snowy night.


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