Smitten Kitchen’s granola bars

A bit of a hump week, so I’m glad it’s nearing an end.  I made these granola bars a few days ago, after spotting them on Smitten Kitchen.  They were not perfect but addicting nonetheless.


Smitten Kitchen recipe here. I impressed myself with how faithfully I stuck to the recipe. I had to use steel cut oats since I didn’t have regular rolled ones, and I also used regular flour instead of oat flour.  The peanut butter really came through; I was surprised that 1/3 cup yielded such dominant flavor. Since I prefer peanut butter in granola bars to play more of a background role, I will probably cut this amount to 1/4 cup next time. I only added a cup of nuts to this batch but it would definitely benefit from a cup of dried fruit (apricots, I like), and maybe some puffed rice to lighten it all up.  I am a huge fan of density but I think these were a bit much — replacing rolled oats with steel cut oats probably added some unnecessary heft, too, so I cannot fault the recipe.  I would not call these the best granola bars I’ve ever eaten, but with some tweaking, their future is bright.

Quick update on Lent: the past couple days were difficult. My body is also out of wack, which doesn’t help. There are hours when my appetite surges out of nowhere, and I’ve experienced moments of extreme lethargy at the office that doesn’t seem normal to me.  Both worry me.  Glad the weekend is on the morrow: foodie-law student-compadre L is coming into town, dumpling-making on Saturday with LL, and Sunday to unwind.


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