The dumpling doldrums (not)

L came over on Saturday night to make some dumplings. My family is not into making dumplings from scratch, so it is always a treat to do so with friends. L was disappointed at how they turned out (very wine-y), since her parents are expert dumpling makers and they have regular family dumpling-making sessions. We made enough to have about 30 each but ended up only eating about 10 (granted we also filled up on grapes, edamame, brie and toast, as we were making the dumpling filling). I was indifferent to the dumplings themselves, which had to endure enough scorn from L as it was. It was fun times though, relaxing and catching up. We watched Mad Men until late, an impromptu sleepover made golden by some satisfying leftover pizza brought home by one of my awesome roommates. Ah, this weekend just really hit the spot.

The Liu dumpling style. So cute — that is how they roll.



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