Paula’s Sweet Potato Biscuits


Recipe here, from her Home Cooking show on the Food Network.  No way, a PD recipe with less than a stick o’ butter??  Yes, it is for real, folks.  This biscuit recipe definitely won’t win any biscuit competitions.  But it is no-frills and no-fuss, just the stone needed to kill two cravings on a lazy Saturday afternoon.  The only adjustments I made were substituting whole wheat flour, using 1 cup of sweet potato mash instead of 3/4 cup, and omitting the milk.  Oh, I also added a couple tablespoons of rosemary, which definitely raised it up a notch.  The dough comes together fine and isn’t a mess to handle because it’s on the dry side.  Instead of making individual biscuits, I flattened it to 1/2-inch disc and baked it whole in a cast iron skillet.  As a result, both the top and bottom developed an appealing crunch.  The aroma while it was baking was immensely satisfying.  With plenty of goat cheese and fig walnut jam, and a leftover bottle of wine, it was a scrumptious dinner for one.  Too scrumptious apparently, since I almost polished off the whole thing.  Oh stomach, how you scare me so.


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