Lunch @ La Voile

The weather this past weekend demanded that one be outdoors, especially after the nasty rainstorm preceding it.  So I made plans with coworker-friend R to raid the Kitchen Arts closing sale; but first things first: le dejeuner.

Snapping some photos outside Boston Public Library:



Are we in Boston or Paris?  Je ne sais pas!


My dining companion R got the lentil soup with bacon creme and the endive salad with poached pear and blue cheese. Both got a thumbs up. The bacon creme was a lovely addition to the earthy lentils; bacon and cream could probably make sandpaper edible.

Endive salad screaming “spring”!



Not feeling nearly as dainty as R, I ordered the Mussels poulette avec les frites. The mussels were succulent and briny, with nary a gritty bite to be found, but the broth-based sauce stole the show. Showcasing the simple goodness of nature’s bounty, I don’t think it contained more than mussel juices, white wine, lemon, tomato, and sprigs of thyme. R and I used the refilled bread basket with crusty baguette chunks, as well as the fries, to sop up the liquid, and I even took a spoon to it at one point. The generous portion ensured that there would be more than enough, and we probably could have used a third round of bread (or stolen our neighbor’s, which I was tempted to do since they didn’t want theirs). Alas, I did not, restrained by the thought of uncomfortably waddling home. With a glass of rose and the sun high and strong, even an already-ravaged Kitchen Arts store could not dampen my mood.



La Voile Boston Brasserie
259 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02116-2431
(617) 587-4200


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