TLG signs up for Boston Organics deliveries

Since moving to Cambridge in October, I had been considering signing up for a farm share.  However, they all looked too intimidating to me, both in price (starting around $350, most around $400-500) and sheer quantity of food.  I wasn’t sure how cost-effective it would be for me, a single person feeding mostly just myself, to get a box of produce every week.  I had visions of dumping rotting potato after potato, artichoke after artichoke, green after green after green, into the rubbish bin.  A never-ending parade of unused produce.  In addition, most CSAs ask that you pick up your produce at the farm or at some predetermined store location.  I don’t have a car and don’t fancy biking with a crate balanced on my knees, another reason why I veered away from signing up.  When all is said and done, $350 might be a bargain for a season’s worth of fresh food, but I think I’m right to assume that such an arrangement does not make logistical sense for a household of uno.

So I got very excited when a friend told me about Boston Organics.  They have flexible arrangements (you can order boxes of various sizes, with varying proportions of fruit:veg, to be delivered every week or every other week) at more than reasonable prices for organic produce, and they deliver to your doorstep.  If you want, you can also note any produce you NEVER want.  Look at this adorable bike they use to make short-range deliveries!  Anyway, I’m most pleased that I can now have fresh delicious pesticide-free foodstuffs without having to plan trips to the grocery store twice a week.  I love food shopping, but that often means it is time-consuming and distracting, and replete with temptation to spend more and buy more than I can reasonably consume.  Like today, I went intending just to buy almonds and almond extract to make cookies for Passover, and I ended up with 2 lbs of green du puy lentils and a bottle of molasses.  I’ve also heard promising stories from others about how having veg/fruit shares has enabled them to expand their cooking horizons.  Good stuff– I am psyched!  First delivery is next week.


One thought on “TLG signs up for Boston Organics deliveries

  1. Hi,
    This Jeff Barry, owner/founder of Boston Organics.

    I hope you enjoy the service. Let us know if there is ever an issue.

    Thanks for signing up!

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